Tested : Pete’s DHaRCO Gravity Pants Review.

You’ll be familiar with DHaRCO’s kit even if you don’t realise it, being the pick of the Commencal Muc-Off’s rapid French lot.

Pete slipped himself into a set of DHaRCO’s Gravity Pants to see if they were confer the ‘on the podium or in the hedge’ riding style that typifies their fastest riders.

Photos by Pete Scullion.

Key features:

  • Standard fit
  • 4-way stretch Nylon/spandex blend
  • BlueSign approved
  • Moisture wicking
  • Three pockets
  • S-XXXL sizes
  • £126.00 RRP
  • DHaRCO.com

DHaRCO’s Gravity Pants are made of a 4-way stretch, BlueSign approved nylon/spandex mix in a standard fit. The Aussie outfit reckon they fit ‘like a pair of jeans’ and the loud colourways on offer are inspired by their local Sydney surf culture. I opted for the slightly less in-your-face camo green option however.

Length-wise, they come out a bit long for me with my 28″ inseam but not by much. The adjustable waist has a fair amount of range, being almost fully closed up on my 29″ waist. They’re comfy around the thigh and fairly loose on the calf, but then I do have chicken legs.

The trousers are light in the hand for a pair of gravity pants that usually come up fairly weighty compared to a trail pant. These occupy that middle ground and the fabric is softer to the touch than any other gravity offerings I have experienced of late. The inner against the skin is a delight too.

Three pockets make them far more versatile than you might think and combined with the comfy material, they’re not too shabby for an all-day pedal. I’d say that they’re far more than the gravity moniker might suggest and are just a solid set of riding pants for whatever you might have lined up for them. There’s also room in the knee for pads as well.

At £126.00 they’re not silly money, and they’ve held up well to the ravages of a particularly stinking winter here in Scotland. There’s no listed DWR coating or any other waterproofing although there must be something there as they hold up well to rain or spray and their light weight means they’re not unpleasantly heavy when they do eventually wet out.

Whilst we couldn’t find a use for the rear pocket, they might well come in handy for a lift pass as you will likely be swiping past the gate to get onto a chairlift or gondola should you find yourself lucky enough to be riding somewhere where there is such infrastructure.

What do we think?

DHaRCO have made a solid statement with the Gravity Pants being pretty good for most types of riding, they do a decent stint in the slop before wetting out and are a joy to spend the day in.

We love:

  • All day comfort
  • Decent size range
  • Durable

Could do better:

  • We couldn’t find a use for the rear pocket

You can check out the DHaRCO Gravity Pants over on their website here.