#Letsavew | The Ajay Jones Interview.

How do you go about making a saying from the trails into a brand? Well, Ajay Jones is finding out exactly that with Letsavew.

Pete had a chat with South Wales enduro pinner Ajay Jones about where Letsavew originated from and what the plan for the future is.

Who is Ajay Jones?

A 32 year old fat hairy ass plumber from south wales valleys who loves all kinda bikes,music,trail building,surfing and biscuits.

What’s your background in cycling?

I have always been involved with bikes from day one, my dad and full family are really into cycling and motocross. In 1999 I went to a Dragon Downhill race and I was hooked. I raced for a number of years before packing it in around 2005, then I didn’t even own a bike until 2012 because I joined a band and just didn’t have time.

What’s your background in the cycle industry?

I have none really, I’m just a weekend warrior.

How did the Letsavew come about?

Two of my childhood friends Mostin and Dixie started saying it, at the time they were super loose, and just always up for playing up. So in the Valleys it became a saying between us friends, it just means “get up and go” smash it” send it” just a Welsh “let’s have you”.

What’s the idea behind Letsavew?

It was something that just happened, I guess people on Instagram heard me saying it, then it caught on in the mountain bike world. Kaos Seagrave, Kade Edwards and Joe breeden all helped loads, them boys are on it big time, so I guess that made it a lot bigger, so shouts to them boys, I think they are super sick guys and amazing on a bike, so yeah stoked.

Where are you located?

The Valleys…

What’s the master plan?

I want it to be more than a saying and not just another apparel brand, but something that gives back to the MTB scene in South Wales, running mates’ races, getting dig crews together, going out for a curry, hanging out, just being mates, doesn’t matter if you’re World Champ or starting out, male or female, #letsavew is for everyone.

How many people make up the Letsavew and what do they do?

Myself, my missis Marie and my good friend Owen Lewis. Jack Slade helps me out a lot too. Also just like to give Nick from Shack Wrap a shout out for providing us with the best stickers in the game, he’s been a huge support which is really appreciated.

How did you decide where to get your kit made?

When I was in a band, we used to get a ton of t-shirts made every month. We always used Somerset Print Co, my good friend Joel owns it, so that was a no brainier, top quality printing and materials are always the best out there.

How many samples did you go through before deciding on the finished product(s)?

None really, my friend did the design, he got a thing going on that’s worth checking (a sick rider too) so we jumped straight in the deep end and got 50 shirts and hoodies made. Luckily they came out perfect.

Any disasters?

Not yet…

Favourite moments so far?

Yeah, seeing people rocking the shirts or stickers on the bikes, from the average rider to the best guys in the world or just riding around my local or racing and people are shouting Letsavew, nothing beats that.

What’s the connection with the Tirpentwys Trail Crew?

It’s a short drive from my house, so we all ride in the area at least once a week, just seeing how much dirt them boys shift is mind blowing, and the tracks they have created are world class.

My girlfriend came up with the idea to run this competition to help them out with the GoFundMe so we spoke to Ryan to make sure he was happy with what we planned on doing, soon as we got the go ahead we got straight to it.

We asked loads of riders and companies to donate prizes for the raffle and everyone has been really backing this idea. We are extremely grateful for everything they have donated towards the prizes so hopefully we can get some money into that fund and that will help them boys out so much. The traffic those tracks have is unbelievable.

Can you tell us more about this competition?

Anyone is able to enter the competition through making a donation of £10.00 or more if they can to the Tirpentwys Trail Crew GoFundMe page and leave their full name and #letsavew on their donation, everyone has from March the 1st till 3pm March the 18th to enter and make a donation.

Then at 6pm on the 18th March we will streaming the raffle live from our Instagram page and announcing all the winners.

We have some awesome prizes that have been generously donated by Marin, Stans, Sender Mag, Dirt, Leisure Lakes. Riders such has Gee Atherton, Kaos Seagrave, Steve Peat have signed jerseys, books, DVDs which they have donated. Along with local trails like Bike Park Wales and Cwmdown giving away uplift cards for their tracks and also training days with Gareth Hopkins at MT Skills and Ben from MTB Strength Factory and obviously we will be giving #letsavew apparel to winners also.

We would just like to give a massive thanks to all the brands, companies, riders, tracks that are sponsoring the competition, like previously said hopefully it will be a huge help to those boys at TTC.

What did you have to sacrifice to get to this stage?

Not much really. I lost about £500 in getting stuff made, but I’m happy, it’s something I’m enjoying doing.

Are you working alongside to make ends meet?

100% I’m far from making money, and that’s not the goal, I’ll go and fit a boiler to make money.

Have you had to overcome any major obstacles to get to this point?

It’s kinda hard to push it as I ride for Saddleback and I’m sponsored to ride in TroyLee Design so obviously that’s my full focus to promote that and Intense. Luckily they understand what I’m doing and are happy for me to do it along side my racing.

Where next for Letsavew? How do you plan to go about getting extra helpers etc. etc.?

Have fun, ride bikes and be happy.

Anybody to thank at this point in the journey? Long suffering spouses/parents/friends?

Thanks to anyone who took time out of their day to check out or support what we are doing. Massive thanks to Saddleback for all the support and the guys at Wideopenmag for this interview.


Head over to the Tirpentwys Trail Crew GoFundMe page to get involved in the competition to win some sweet loot.

For everything Letsavew, head over to their website.