Bike Park Wales announces “biggest trail building project since the park opened”

Big news from Bike Park Wales today as the park gets ready for its 5th Birthday.

The Bike Park Wales team have announced that the park will see loads of growth over 2018 and 2019 with upgrades to the behind-the-scenes stuff of the park, the cafe and – most excitingly – the trails.

The last year has seen some big upgrades to the park already with trails like Roots Manoeuvres, Enter the Dragon or Insufficient Funds getting built or upgraded. It seems the team aren’t resting on their laurels though and have plans to add even more investment to the park.

Behind the scenes

First up, there’s going to be loads of improvements to the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes the park run. The uplift road will get widened to let the uplift vehicles pass each other more easily and speed up the trips up and down the hill.

The park will also get its own on-grid power, phone lines and water for the first time which the BPW team say is “a very complex and hugely expensive project”. That should make the wifi work and keep the bike wash flowing.

Also great news is that they’ve hired a new person to run the cafe and will be upgraded the menu and rejigging the cafe – great news for hungry riders.

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Biggest trail building project yet

Last but not least, the trails will see the “biggest trail building project since the park opened”.

The BPW team have announced that National Grid need access to the park to replace underground cables in June 2018. That’ll mean that the Lower Terry’s Belly, Hot Stepper, Root Manoeuvres and 50 Shades of Black trails will have to close temporarily.

As a ‘sorry for the disruption” National Grid have part funded the construction of two new blue trails, three new red trails and a black trail. The great news is they’ll be built by May 2018 and the closed trails will be open again in July.

Even better news is that BPW promise these upgrades are just part of a larger project that’ll take place over the next couple of years. They don’t want to spoil the surprise by giving away all their secrets now though!

You can read the news on Bike Park Wales’ site here.