A quick look at the new Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Boss

Team Wideopenmag sponsors Juice Lubes just launched their brand new Dirt Juice Boss chain cleaner, dubbed ‘the Guv’nor of Grime’.

Dirt Juice Boss is designed to be a thoroughbred chain cleaner but will also do a great job on any bike bits that are caked with black, filthy, greasy muck such as jockey wheels, chain rings or cassettes.

Boss is part of Juice Lubes’ range of cleaners and maintenance products, all of which are made here in the UK.

juice lubes Dirt Juice Boss

The Boss

‘Boss is designed to be a powerful, tough-on-dirt chain cleaner for proper deep-cleaning jobs.

Have you noticed your chain gets black and filthy over time? As you oil, ride and re-oil your chain it builds up sticky layers of old chain lube and dirt. That dirt layers up and gradually eats away at the performance of your chain and the lifespan of your drive train.

Every few weeks its good to totally strip away all that caked-on grot and reset your chain back to box-fresh with something like Dirt Juice Boss. Once its back to factory fresh, you’ve can re-lube it from scratch and you should see it perform loads better and last loads longer.

You can do the same to your chain rings, cassette and jockey wheels to keep the whole setup running smoothly.

Boss is said to be loads more powerful than normal bike wash and regular concentrated bike washes (like Juice Lubes Dirt Juice Super). It’s designed to melt greasy grime, making it perfect for chains and oily bits but not really suitable for general bike washing as it’ll eat away at the grease in your bearings.

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How to

We’ve cleaned a load of chains with Dirt Juice Boss so far and it’s dead simple to use.

You can use it in a chain bath (like the Juice Lubes Dirty Little Scrubber), you can paint it on with a brush or a cloth or simply pour some into a shallow container and dunk your chain in (see the picture above).

All you need to do is give your chain a thorough soaking with ‘Boss, leave it to work for about 5 minutes, give it a good scrub to loosen up the dirt and then rinse clean with your garden hose or a portable washer.

After a good rinse with water you should see any black, greasy oil melt away to leave shiny bike bits underneath.

Most mountain bike grime is pretty easy to shift and Boss will eat through it with ease. The road bike can take a little bit more elbow grease.

For any really stubborn, thick and dry grime (like you can see in the round-town bike in the photos) we’ve found that a small stiff brush (like this) works really well, especially with a bit of Dirt Juice Boss drizzled on the brizzles.

Once that’s done you can lube your chain again from scratch and it should sound and perform way better!

You can buy online on the Juice Lubes website or you can use the Juice Lubes dealer locator here to find your local store.

Full disclosure – Team Wideopenmag (our race team) are sponsored by Juice Lubes and we’re running this post to tell you about a product that the team riders and mechanics use and recommend. We have agreements in place with our team sponsors to share updates about their products with you guys.