Introducing Team Wideopenmag’s Dan Cope

Introducing Danger Boy Dan Cope

Danger Boy Dan Cope is part of Team Wideopenmag’s crew of young gun downhillers.

He’s flat out, he loves racing and he’s hungry to keep pushing his riding further and faster.

Dan is currently battling his way up the ranks in his first of two years in the Youth Category, racing Pearce Cycles and the British National Downhill Series races.

So Dan, introduce yourself!

I’m Dan Cope, I’m a wild 14 year old kid from South Wales who likes to rip up the track!

How did you get in to riding and racing?

Well… my dad has always ridden bikes and raced himself, so bikes have always been in my life. I just thought I’d give racing a go and that was it. It’s going to plan so far!

And how’s 2018 going so far?

It’s going to plan so far. The Youth category is super tough, especially for first years, but I’m staying in the top 10 and I’m always one of the fastest first years so… it’s good.

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And what’s has been your highlight of the year so far?

We went out to Crankworx in Les Gets which was awesome.

All of the pro riders were there and watching them ride was so sick. The event itself was loads of fun… I came home with 14th which was really good for a first year Youth. It was a good laugh!

And tell us about the support your parents give you – that must be massive.

My dad is really supportive in the racing and in everything that I do. He loves being at the races!

My Mam on the other hand just gets worried about me ending up in hospital… which isn’t a rare sight thankfully!

Tell us something weird about you.

I’m really bad with spicy food! I can’t touch anything spicier than a tomato!

You can follow Dan on Instagram here.