NS Bikes Snabb 130 Plus – First Ride Video Review with Steve from Hotlines

The NS Bikes Snabb 130 Plus just turned up for a first ride video review… which sounded like a good excuse for a trip up the local trails!

The bike came hand delivered by Steve Larkin from Hotlines so we bailed out of the office for the day and took him (and the new NS Snabb) for a ride.

Ben took the bike on and we took the opportunity to ask Steve a few questions about his job, about the bike he’s riding himself and get a sneaky first look at another brand new bike (the 2019 Ragley Blue Pig).

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The NS Bikes Snabb 130 Plus is a 130mm travel’er with an alloy frame and 29″ wheels. There’s also a longer travel Snabb 150 which we’ll take a look at a bit further down the line.

Enjoy the vid, give us a subscribe on Youtube and let us know if you’d like to see more Rough Cuts from Wideopen!