Tweedlove’s 2019 Transcend Festival | Everything You Need to Know.

Tweedlove have launched their Transcend Festival with a new location, new partners and some new event formats along with some classics.

The 2019 Transcend Festival by Tweedlove heads to Innerleithen, Nether Pirn Farm to be precise, and teams up with Tempest Brewing Co. and Adrenalin Uplift with the aim of creating a unique mountain bike festival experience.

We take a closer look at the events you can get stuck into at the 2019 Transcend Festival taking place over the weekend of the 7th to the 9th June 2019.

Transcend Epic – 7-9th June.

A two-day, uplift-assisted enduro stage race that takes place over the course of the weekend and will see riders tackling the very best stages at Glentress, Caberston (the Golfie), Traquair and Yair.

Racing starts at 0800 on Saturday 8th and runs until the afternoon of Sunday 9th with uplift running for the duration, courtesy of Adrenalin Uplift.

No official practice is available, and while some of the stages will be the usual taped race stages, there’ll also be a few added ‘adventure’ stages with a bit more of a wild feel.

All racing starts and finishes at the Transcend Festival village.

The Transcend Epic is limited to 150 spaces, cost £230 and entries are now available here

Transcenduro – 8th June.

Photo by Dave Price.

Transcenduro is your ‘standard’ enduro format and features optional practice on Friday 7th for those keen beans. It also makes up one third of the Triple Crown series that includes Vallelujah and King and Queen of the Hill (also a BEMBA National Enduro Series round).

You can expect four to five stages of classic Tweed Valley enduro stages with the option of taking a seeded start or cruising around with your mates.

Practice is open from 0900 to 1700 on Friday 7th, with racing starting at 0900 on Saturday 8th, all from the Trascend Festival village. With all the racing out of the way on Saturday, you have a full day on Sunday for more racing or enjoying the festival atmosphere.

Expect details of the stages to be released to entrants no more than a week before the event.

Entries for the Transcenduro are open, cost £65 and are available on Tweedlove’s website here.

Transcenduro Boost – 9th June.

A lighter bite of Transcenduro for those who don’t want to tackle the full beast. 3-4 hours total ride time should suit those who have tasted enduro before but don’t want to bury themselves too early.

Also an option for anyone who has tackled the full Trascenduro the day previous and fancies more bike racing.

Riders are not seeded, with your time sticker being a guide for arrival at the top of the stages, so you’ll be able to cruise around with your friends. 0900 on Sunday 9th, all from the Trascend Festival village.

Stans Flow EX3Stans flow EX3

Expect details of the stages to be released to entrants no more than a week before the event.

Early bird entries for the Transcenduro Boost are open, cost £49.50 (rising to £55) and are available on Tweedlove’s website here.

Transcend-E – 9th June.

Full details of the Transcend E event have yet to be announced but you can safely say that it’ll involve a good dollop of Tweed Valley singletrack, some punchy climbs and the usual Tweedlove atmosphere.

Keep an eye out for more details coming soon.

Transcend Enjoyro – 9th June.

The ever-popular Transcend Enjoyro returns offering an entry into enduro racing for those wanting to dip their toe in without the full-on nature of the other enduro events, younger riders or those who can’t commit to a full day of racing.

The course is chosen to use enjoyable, flowy sections of trails in with a few natural sections too. It’s a good bit shorter than the Triple Crown enduro courses, and technically fairly straightforward. There is no official practice day scheduled for this event.

Riders aged 12-13 must be accompanied by an adult, those 14-15 do not need an adult to accompany them, but do need parental consent. Anyone familiar with Innerleithen will likely recognise the stages used for this event.

Racing starts at approximately 12.30.

Expect details of the stages to be released to entrants no more than a week before the event.

Entries for the Transcend Enjoyro are open, cost £50.00 and are available on Tweedlove’s website here.

Gritopia – 8th June.

60km of gravel gold awaits anyone entering the 2019 Gritopia event including a combination of big climbs, massive views and some ancient trails within the Tweed Valley.

Designed for anyone who fancies a big old adventure into the lesser-known parts of the valley, this should suit anyone who isn’t all about beating the clock, has a suitable set of legs and a sensible bike.

Racing starts at 12 noon from the Transcend Festival village. A full route map will be provided to all entrants and the route is fully waymarked.

Entries for the Transcend Gritopia will be opening soon, cost £45.00 and are available on Tweedlove’s website here.

Full details on all the 2019 Transcend Festival races and events can be found on their website here.

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