The new Stans Flow EX3 rim is for big, nasty riding

Stans NoTubes have just announced their new Stans Flow EX3 rim to the world.

The new rim is said to be the “ultimate rim for riders who push limits”

Stans Flow EX3

Yep, that’s right, there’s a new rim to add to your “What the hell should I buy next” list.

The Stans Notubes Flow EX3 is brand new for March 2019 and designed, Stans tell us, to respond to riders riding harder than before. It’s not replacing anything, instead slotting into the range as a heavier hitting option than the existing Flow S1 or MK3 rim.

The Flow EX3 weighs 580g for a 27.5″ size rim (618g for a 29’er) and comes with a 29mm internal width, 32.6mm external width and height.

It is built to be a stronger option than anything else Stans already offers and will be what Stans’ Enduro and DH teams (like GT Factory racing, Atherton bikes, Propain and Cannondale) run.

The rim is, we’re told, what Martin Maes rode to victory at both Crankworx enduro events and the La Bresse World Cup DH in 2018.

stans notubes Flow EX3

Merida OneSixtyMerida OneSixty

Tiebeam Technology

The new rim uses what Stans called ‘Tiebeam’. In their words “The specific position of the brace inside this triple cavity rim lets it withstand far more impact force than any alloy rim we’ve ever tested. Our patented low sidewalls and stronger 6069 alloy construction together with a new bead-blasted finish and stronger overall rim shape make this the rim everyone is going to want in 2019″.

And the other stuff

Alongside the Tiebeam stuff, the EX3 is also built with externally reinforced spoke beds to add strength and spread the blow of any hammerings. The sidewalls are beefed up and built with thicker walls and 6069 alloy.

They’re 32 hole only and available as rims or complete wheels, but we’re told wheelsets won’t be available for a little while yet in the UK.

The complete wheels are built with Sapim D-Light spots, Sapim Polyax Secure Lock 2.0 nipples and Stans Neo hubs. They weigh 2018g for 27.5″ and 2115g for 29″.

A Stans Flow EX3 rim will cost you £90 in the UK.

You can learn more at and find your nearest dealer here.



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