Syndicate Tool Box Wars | Loris Vergier’s Mechanic P.A.

Syndicate Tool Box Wars has kicked off with Loris Vergier’s mechanic P.A. firing the first salvoes, but will Dougie Fresh win the battle?

A race mechanic’s toolbox is a very particular thing and no two setups are the same, unique almost as the riders’ bike themselves. Kicking off the Syndicate Tool Box Wars is P.A., who used to spanner for Nitro Circus amongst other folk.

Why does P.A. not pack a 10mm Allen key? How do you go about getting a toolbox under the crucial 23kg airline threshold? See what P.A. prioritises in the video below.

You can check out YT Mob mechanic Ben Arnott’s toolbox setup here.

Endura Takeovertea

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