Brendan Fairclough won’t race this weekend… and here’s why

First came the news that Tahnee may not race at this weekend’s Fort William World Cup… and now we’ve heard that Brendan Fairclough is also out of the running.

The video explains what’s happening in Brendan’s own words but, in short, Bren was out filming in Madeira for an upcoming project. He told us:

“Yeah, I’m up here but I’m not riding. I smashed myself up filming an edit in Madeira a couple of weeks ago. I was really on the edge whether I wanted to ride or not and whether I was going to ride or not. I just walked it yesterday and I was like “there’s no way I can batter my way down here” and I don’t want to wreck myself for the rest of the season. 

I feel like I’m riding good and I’ve got a new bike bla bla bla. I’m going to skip this one and I’d look like I might have picked the right one to skip!

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I just stood myself up in a turn and smashed a tree. I was like an hour walk up a mountain, winded to hell. I thought I’d punctured a lung but luckily no punctured lung. I finished with a real bruised and torn deltoid muscle in my arm so… we’ll be back. Nothing too bad!”

Brendan told us that he’s had physio several times since the crash and was advised that he could ride if he felt up to it and a bit of pain wasn’t necessarily going to cause any problems. Brendan tried riding before the event and was feeling some numbness in his hand, so decided to leave it.

Get well soon Brendan – fingers crossed for a quick come back!