Anthill’s Return to Earth Premiere in Bristol | Tickets are on Sale Now

We’ve teamed up with Pedal Premieres to bring you a premiere of Anthill’s new Return to Earth movie

Return to Earth is the long-awaited, much anticipated 9th movie from Anthill.

It’s a “cinematic journey across diverse mountain bike communities, personalities and environments. Each segment captures a different way the bike can immerse riders in the present moment. Starring some of the sport’s biggest athletes, unsung shredders and up-and-coming youth”.

The world premiere of Return to Earth will take place on June 14, 2019 in Vancouver, BC but if you can’t make it to that… we’re helping to put on a premiere in Bristol, UK.

Alongside the movie, there’s going to be a raffle for the local trails, an old-school movie to warm up and some possible mystery guests.

Merida eOneFourtyMerida eOneFourty

The film is going to be screened on Thursday 20th June 7pm at The Hen & Chicken, North Street, BS3 1JF.

All profits are going towards developing the local trails, and the film is screened in partnership with Pedal Premieres, Anthill, The Hen & Chicken, Marin, MBUK Mag, Pedal Progression, Sterlands & Wideopen.

Tickets are available online at Pedal Progression here.


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