Ultimate Adventure Series | Episode 3 | Two Enduros in Two Days.

Episode three of Oli Carter’s Ultimate Adventure Series sees him take in two very different enduro races over the course of one weekend.

This is another long one at just over thirty minutes long, so get a hot beverage on and put your feet up.

Oli trucks north to Glencoe for the infamous No Fuss Events Macavalanche on the Saturday, before heading south to the Lakes to take on the British National Enduro Series round at Graythwaite.

In this week’s Ultimate Adventures we squeeze in 2 big enduro races into 1 weekend.

First off heading north to Scotland for the crazy mass start Macavalanche on Saturday followed by a British National Enduro in The Lake District on Sunday.

We were spoilt with some of the UK’s finest scenery over the weekend, from the breathtaking Glencoe, to the shores of Windermere. Riding bikes does take you to some incredible places.

Stans Flow EX3Stans flow EX3

Some of the chair lifts were crazier than the riding on offer this weekend.

It was a big mission, driving 1,130 miles and racing 11 blind stages, no practice, just riding by sight.

To me this is a true form of enduro racing, going as fast as you can on the terrain in front of you. I love the rush of cleaning a crazy section of trail that usually would have you stopped to chose your lines… You VS the trails, that’s what MTB is about for me.

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