Yep Components’ Uptimizer 3.0 Dropper Can Be Serviced in Your Bike.

Touting easy servicing and that you don’t need to remove the post from the frame to service it, the Yep Components Uptimizer 3.0 could be the next big thing.

Yep Components Uptimizer 3.0 is the answer to the problem of having to be without your dropper seat post when it comes to needing a service, and they’ve done that by making servicing easy enough to do in the bike.

While you may not have heard of Yep Components, their offering into the dropper post market will certainly catch the eye of those who are happy enough when it comes to servicing their own bikes.

Photos by Mountain Bike Connection Winter/Luigi Sestili.

Key features:

  • Hydraulic system
  • Serviceable oil cartridge
  • Twin chamber without gas
  • Mechanical actuation, internal cable routing
  • Infinite travel
  • External air valve
  • Travel options mm : 80/100/125/155/185
  • Tube diameter 30.9 / 31.6
  • Weight from 498-585g
  • €420 with remote and accessories

Pete saw the Yep Components Uptimizer 3.0 in action at Bike Connection Winter in Massa Marittima, Italy, and the main man Andrea was quick to give a demonstration of how easy it is to service their new post.

Essentially, if you can bleed a brake, you can service the Uptimizer, or perhaps more crucially, any decent bike shop, without them even needing to remove your post from the bike.

So, what’s the Yep Components Uptimizer 3.0 all about? Well, the Swiss-Italian company have tried to come at the dropper game with their own ideas. While the technology they’re using isn’t new, it’s done in a way that means servicing isn’t rocket surgery.

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There are a few things that set the Uptimizer apart from the competition. Before you’d even need to consider servicing, you’ll notice the direct and consistent way in which the post depresses. This is thanks to the large air chamber and the Constant Force Valve. As soon as you actuate the lever, the post is moving. Simple.

It’s easy enough to add air tokens to the chamber should you want more progressivity, and there are travel limiters included in the kit. Should you live in particularly hot or cold environments, it’s easy enough to swap the oil out for a weight that suits the conditions, so easy is the oil change.

The party piece of the Uptimizer has to be the oil change, usually the bane of any dropper owner’s life. Watch Andrea take you through it below:

Arguably the only obvious downside to the Uptimizer is that it is only available in an internally routed guise at present. Anyone lacking internal routing for a dropper will have to go elsewhere.

While it may not be cheap, you might well save plenty of service costs by being able to service the Uptimizer yourself.

Yep Components don’t currently have a UK distributor, but do sell direct to the consumer as well as select dealers.

Pete will be running an Uptimizer through the test machine in the coming weeks, so we’ll see just how easy it is to live with in the real world soon enough.

Full details on the Yep Components Uptimizer 3.0 can be found on their website here.