The Granite Design Talon Multitool | Everything You Need to Know.

Granite Designs have increased their range of handy multitools with the Talon, an invincible tyre lever that contains a set of quick link pliers.

Back again with yet more multi-use tools, Granite Design’s new Talon gets one tool doing more work, this time tripling up as tyre levers, chain link pliers and safe storage for your links.

Key features:

  • 130mm x 19mm x 8mm
  • Works with all 9 to 12-speed quick links and chains
  • Quick-link storage
  • Glass fibre reinforced nylon lever with stainless tips
  • 40g
  •  £10.95 RRP

Granite Designs’ new Talon is another in the long line of their stashable tools, in this case, helping you get wind in your wheels and your chain unbroken.

Nukeproof Megawatt

The Talon starts as two tyre levers clipped together, to be used individually for tyre work or clipped together for breaking and fixing chains. Featuring fibre-reinforced nylon levers and stainless-steel tips with the aim of not breaking when you’re trying to swing off it in a storm. There’s also room to store a spare quick-link and will work with 9 to 12 speed quick-links and chains. The nylon material won’t ruin those expensive carbon rims either.

With all Granite’s tools, the Talon is designed with the Granite RockBand in mind. As a lightweight and no-hassle frame-strap, RockBand makes it easy to carry tools and inner tubes on your frame and lets you leave your backpack at home.

At only 40g, you’ll not notice these strapped to your bike, in your pocket or in your bag, and at £10.95, they won’t break the bank either.

Check out the Granite Designs Talon and the rest of their stashable tool range on Granite’s website here.