Tested : Pete’s Granite Design Stash Chain and Tyre Plug Tool Review.

Granite Design specialise in on-bike storage and Pete has been putting their Stash tyre plug and chain tool to the test over the last few months.

If you’re a fan of getting the weight off your back and storing tools on your bike, the Granite have you pretty much all the bases covered. The Stash chain tool and tyre plug slot into the empty space on your bars, meaning they’re always at your fingertips.

Granite Design Tyre Plug

Key features:

  • 30 x 30 x 96mm (large cap)
  • 21.8 x 21.8 x 96mm (small cap)
  • 35g (incl. side cap)
  • Tyre plug kit, 2 x 1.5mm + 2 x 3.5mm tyre plugs included
  • £15.99 RRP
  • Granite-Design.com

Granite Design Chain Tool

Key features:

  • 7075 Alloy
  • 52g
  • Fits 18 to 21mm orifice and 10cm straight section
  • RRP ~£20.00
  • Granite-Design.com

Knowing you’ll always have the means to keep your bike rolling whether you remember it or not is a pretty neat thing to invest in, and the Granite Designs Stash offerings that slot into your handlebars are certainly some of the neater available.

You’d be hard-pushed to do tyre plug kits wrong, all you need is the plug, the spike and applicator fork but the Stash kit packs down small even if you opt to just throw it in your pack rather than putting them inside the bar. With the alloy case being a neat way of storing the two tools, it’s better than having loose, sharp things flying about in your riding pack.

If you run a single collar grip, you will need to cut the end off your grip to run the Stash kit but we doubt you’d miss the end anyway. On a double collar grip you simply use the kit as a bar end plug, with two sizes of end cap supplied, you can’t go far wrong.


The Stash chain tool is similarly neat, with only the handle extending from the tool body but offers ample leverage to split or repair even the toughest of chains. While many good multi tools will now come with a chain tool this is certainly larger and offers more leverage, so is a worthy addition to your bike or pack that you’ll not notice the weight of.

Possibly the only criticism of the Stash chain tool is that you need a different tool with a 5mm Allen key for it to work. Yes, it’s rare to head out without the trusty 5mm, but you’ll be left high and dry if you need to use and and have left your Allen keys at home.

It doesn’t look like the chain tool has any room for a 5mm anywhere, so you’d either need the Stash Multitool on hand or have a separate tool with a 5mm. That said, the extra leverage on hand would certainly make breaking or fixing a chain that little bit easier.

What do we think?

Granite have come up with some neat, light on-bike storage solutions that work. The bright orange hue means you’ll not lose them if you drop them, and even if you don’t want them in your bars, they’re a solid addition to your riding pack.

We love:

  • Simple, yet effective
  • Lightweight

Could do better:

  • Don’t forget your 5mm

You can check out the full Granite Design on-bike storage products on their website here.