Team Wideopenmag bids farewell to 2 riders

As 2021 kicks off, it’s time to bid a fond farewell to two long-standing team members.

You guys know all about Team Wideopenmag right?

We’ve been racing hard for over 10 years, winning championships and helping talented riders to do what they do best. We’re race heads at heart and almost all of us grew up around the tape with dreams of being on the podium or behind the lens creating content and telling stories.

The team is our way of giving back to the UK race scene and helping to shape it for the future.

Above all else, the team is about talent. Talented riders, talented content creators and talented people behind-the-scenes. We like to help people to go places. To move up to World Cup teams, to move up to Enduro World Series level, gain jobs in the bike industry or to move up to bigger and better things.

We love giving riders, creators and team-staff everything we can, building their name and moving them on to make a career on two wheels. Of everything we do here at Wideopen, it’s probably the thing we’re the proudest of.

And so, it’s time to announce another changing of the guard and two riders moving on from Team Wideopenmag. After all, you can’t grow without a bit of change right?

Moving into 2021, we’re bidding a fond farewell to Chris Hutchens and Christo Gallagher.

Chris Hutchens joined Team Wideopenmag in 2016 and has spent the last 5 years creating content, racing enduro and undertaking all sorts of adventures around the world.

His highlights reel from the last 5 years alone is huge (you can read it in full here on wideopenmag) and includes winning the Megavalanche, adventures in Ireland, Tignes and Brunei (amongst others!), loads of video content for our Youtube channel and loads of top race results (including Tweedlove and the overall Scottish Enduro Series series title).

Christo Gallagher joined the team in 2018 and turned our one-man enduro band into a proper two-man setup.

TLD A3 Helmet

Christo got off to a flying start by taking the overall at the Scottish Enduro Series and went on to win loads of events including Tweedlove, the Brunei enduro, British Nationals and very nearly win the British overall.

Always pushing for bigger and better EWS results, Christo has steadily gained speed and crept into the top 50 giving full-salary pros a run for their money. He also won a British National Downhill race on his enduro bike in 2019 when he joined the DH kids for the weekend for a bit of fun!

Off the bike Christo kept us entertained with plenty of pumptrack steeze, insanely smooth riding and loads of blogs in his own unique style.

But why the change?

Any good rider knows that carrying your speed is vital. Our most successful riders are the ones that join us, build their talent and move forward with plenty of pace.

2020’s wash-out year of racing gave us a chance to pause and have a think about how best to take the team forward. With a few years on the team, 2021 felt like the perfect time for Hutch and Christo to move forward and on to something fresh.

We want them to keep growing as athletes and the logical step was for them to make a change. The timing was right for those guys and you’ll hear their plans on their own channels in the next few days. We’re excited to see their new plans come together.

We’ll finish with a huge thanks to Chris and Christo for being part of the Wideopenmag family. We’ve loved working with them, becoming good friends, watching their amazing talent on two-wheels and seeing them achieve so much with our name on their chests. And, of course, good luck for what’s to come next!

You can follow Chris Hutchens on Instagram here.
You can follow Christo Gallagher on Instagram here.

Thanks, also, of course to all of Team Wideopenmag’s sponsors:

  1. Them two have served you well! Going to be missed I’m sure! Does that mean you’re replacing them? Or is there going to be a break from the enduro side of the team? Exciting times

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