Forbidden Release the Second Gen Druid.

Three years on from their original offering, the Druid, Forbidden Bikes have released an updated version of their 130mm bike.

Updated geometry and kinematics are the main talking points of the updated Forbidden Druid, with the high pivot 130mm bike gaining mixed wheels as standard along with the 29er setup.

While it retains the 130mm Trifecta high pivot layout and a very familiar silhouette, enough has been done to the Forbidden Druid to make it a very different beast altogether. The outgoing bike’s kinematic ran similar graphs to its bigger brother, the Dreadnought, but the newest offering gives a very different feel to its travel.

Starting with almost identical anti-rise numbers at the V1, the percentage tails off rapidly as the bike uses up the available travel. Anti-squat is now considerably higher at the opening portions of the travel, before tailing off in a similar manner to the anti-rise the deeper into the travel you go. The new kinematic also has less of a rearward axle path to the outgoing version with a higher leverage ratio to boot.

Geometry changes noticeably too. Sizing moves to S sizing, from 1-4, rather than the traditional Small, Medium, Large and XLarge. Reach grows 10mm across the sizes, with the size-specific chainstays growing too, with more length on the larger sizes. Head angle drops half a degree with effective seat tube angles steepening by a degree and a half.

Mixed wheel or MX builds are now stock, forgoing the Ziggy Link on the new bike. MX builds based around the same 150mm fork are half a degree slacker on the head tube, and the same on the effective seat tube angles. Reach is 5mm shorter than the 29er offering.

Out of the gate, the Forbidden Druid V2 will be available in SRAM XO build, available now, with two SRAM GX AXS builds coming later in the year. The Druid XO build comes in at £8,999.00, the Druid GX FX AXS at £7,299.00 and the Druid GX RS at £6,299.00. A Druid frameset will set you back £3,599.00.

You can check out the new Forbidden Druid over on their website here.