Day 6 from Spain

thumb-cock-1-of-1Well today was our last day in Spain and didn’t we make the most of it! I really don’t have anything funny to say – it was just mint. We started by getting up at 11 even though we agreed to get up at 8. Then we went to pick up Scouser John from the local Cafe and ate bacon and egg butties and soon enough we were “on the road again” out towards the first track we went to: “Fonz’s track” to do some filming. After 20 minutes of mangina, pubic hair and Rob getting his giblet out yet again and chasing after his brother when we were supposed to be getting some interviews done we finally got a bit of riding footage done.

Pretty much we then just drove over to the track which was in Re – Focus to do some riding. The top section was the loosest thing I’ve ever ridden in my life, it was about a foot deep in dust all the way down the open hillside with sun beating down on us. The bottom section was really jumpy with some fast rock sections and smooth berms, was equally as fun. But one of the most interesting obstacles was the massive step up off the road which has had a new lip put on it according to main man Rob. Basically we got an “epic”/”gorgeous” (two of Milky’s favourite words) tracking shot from the roof of a landrover of Harry and Tom on this section.

Basically we just pissed around on the bottom section for an hour or so and then headed back to let Milky get a shot of Baz doing a scrub on a jump behind Rob’s house, it looked mint so nice one.

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Flying home tomorrow so that sucks but it’s been an awesome week of filming and riding. Keep an eye out for a little vid from online pretty soon, get saving and get on it.