Day 57 from “Track of Death” (Spain)

Bitches. Today was what most people would call the low point of their holiday. For some, it’s breaking their leg whilst sunbathing, for others it’s the day of rain on an otherwise sunny week and for the really unlucky ones who have a totally shit holiday it’s the point where they pass out after too much absinth and wake up with a gnarly black cock up their bum. Today was our black cock in the bum day.

A local Spanish chap recommended a new track to us today. Anyway, he got a puncture and took us to what he described as the “best track”, unfortunately in our opinion it sucked majorly (Baz described it as “Run of the Ken 2”) and we missed out on filming on an awesome track that Rob Deacon had originally intended we ride – shame really. Basically I’ve ended up getting nothing on film today and walked all the way down a mountain and we missed out on the good stuff.

We actually rode a mint descent this morning (afternoon) on the way to “Spanish Track of Death” with some awesome slick rock sections and went on to ride a very Alpsesque flat out rocky walkers path style track; like proper gnarly loose turns and big rock sections all the way down the side of this mountain – I struggled a bit with my spike on the back (don’t ask why I turned up to Spain with that) but it was pretty EL SICKO.

Milko came out with some proper mint questions like he has been all holday today. Highlight of today would be “What is that big church like building on the hill over there?” Rob – “That would be a erm church” and also yesterday “You can see Spain from here” (meaning Africa) and the other day “Why do they call it the Sram test track?”, answers on a postcard please…

Tomorrow is our last full day in Spain, hopefully it’ll be a goodun. I’ll be busting out the camera in the morning on the “Fonz track” and hopefully spending all afternoon riding some rad tracks. Hopefully Milk pro will state the obvious and ask some rad questions to keep us entertained again as well. We are going to be strictly sticking to rad tracks tomorrow and not going anywhere near any Tracks of Death or Run of the Kens.

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Im off to watch 40 Year Old Virgin now, we decided not to watch Ghost in the end.

A lake thing that we had a coffee by: