Random Question Generator: Matt Simmonds

We’re always happy to hear from Mr Matt Simmonds here at Wideopen.  He’s proper UK homegrown talent, he’s a nice lad and he (back in the day) rode on Producer James’ FearingOut race team. After another season on the Team Chain Reaction Cycles/Intense he finished 15th overall in the World Cup in 2010 – nice work boy.

Here’s Matt’s go at running the Random Question Generator!

Last injury?
Sprained ankle winter just gone. Kids be warned when a pencil 360 goes wrong it goes wrong.

last mtb product you bought with your own money?
That’s a hard one; it’s not for me but would probably be a mud guard for the girl friends town bike.

Last trail you rode?
Llongmynd hills, Shropshire

What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Spooks, TV at its best.

When is the last time you got drunk and who with?
World champs with TM Nigel page, we rocked it hard that night.

What was the genuine last video you watched online? Link please!

Who is your biggest rival on the race scene??
The clock

Best place you’ve traveled to this year?
San remo, Italy. What an amazing place 10 minute downhill runs need I say anymore.

Last trick you pulled?
One handed tear off grab.

Tell us a joke…
What did the left nut say to the right nut? The guy in the middle thinks he is so hard!

What is the worst job that you have had in your life?
Window cleaner, cleaning windows in the winter is not good if you want to feel your fingers.

What is the last photo you took? Can you send it us?
I took this photo, a map of the underground London at this years bike show, I was hoping it would point me in the right direction but no such luck!

Who was the last person you swore at? What did you say?
Swore at myself last week after crashing hard, and I won’t repeat what I said!

The first 5 random songs to come on from your ipod/itunes/music selection – no skipping any!

SQ LabsLeaderboard

What did you do before sitting down to fill out these questions?
Make a cup of tea.

What is your current Face book status?
Intense tracer VP for sale send me a message for details

Send us the most recent photo someone tagged of you on face book
Picture of me tagged at an awards evening for young sports achievers, achieving at a high level.

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Cheers Matt! Check out his homepage at http://www.mattsimmonds.co.uk/

Matt’s mugshot was taken by Hannah Beth Smith and all other shots (except where watermarked) are by Team CRC/Intense.

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