Wideopen do Morzine: Epic fireworks and a Run of the Mill

I’ll apologise – I’m going to post up yet another Drift vid of a run you’ve probably ridden a million times yourself.

Sorry. I’m thinking that I could either be a bit snobby and insist on only filming the most secret of singletracks or I could celebrate the wealth of top class and super accessible riding that the PdS has thrown at us in the last week. So – I’m going to celebrate it with a Drift of ‘Run of the Mill’ which has ended up being one of our favourite and most hammered runs of the week and one that we got some awesome footage on yesterday. It’s steep, fast, loose and great fun to ride and film. Love it!  Again, you’ll have to settle for the Drift vid until Paul fires out the ‘proper’ vid!

In other news – tonight we headed up to Lake Montriond with the Riders Retreat crew to check out a stunning and free fireworks display. Apparently it was part of a nation-wide celebration of France’s lakes. Whatever the cause, it’s our last night at Riders Retreat and in Morzine so a few beers, music and an epic fireworks display was the perfect way to top off the week. Cheers guys!

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