First podiums for the Wideopenmag Team.

We’re celebrating this week at Wideopenmag as our new 2012 race team has taken its first win of the season.

Jay Williamson took the win at last weekend’s Woodland Rider’s Winter Series and Rich Thomas also took third place – just 0.7 behind Jay.  Two awesome results and a really big boost to start the year.

photo by James Richards

We did the race as part of the team’s ‘boot camp’ weekend which was a chance to get everyone together and run through everything we all needed to know. We hired out a posh cottage near Tavistock, spent Saturday in the classroom teaching the guys all about Wideopenmag, had some good food and good banter and then hit up the race on Sunday.

It was pretty obvious from the start that Jay was going to do well … he’s been training hard all winter, he was on fire when we were in Spain for our training week and has just been getting faster and faster since getting his Nukeproof Scalp.

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Rich Tea – photo’d by Dave Thomason

In the previous round he missed out on the win to elite local Ash Mullane and you could tell he was super hungry to get his revenge. We managed a quick run of the track on Saturday and he definitely managed to smash out twice the number of runs that the rest of us did! Come Sunday he scored two fast times – with his first being the quickest and the one that was enough to put him on the top spot.

First for Jay, Second for Ash, Third for Rich. photo by Ace Woodley.

How did the rest of the team do? The 4X guys did super well – Dave in particular who placed a decent time in hardtail on his 4X bike with his race tyres on! Mechanic Chaz celebrated his first ever downhill race and I was pretty happy indeed to race my first ever race as a Gentleman of Downhill (a master…)!

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors for making the team happen and to the guys at Woodland Riders for putting on an awesome race.

Cheers all!

Jamie – Wideopenmag Editor/Team manager