Day 1 – Wideopenmag World Cup Rd1: Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Ladies and gents, boys and girls – the Wideopenmag World Cup campaign is GO!

It’s our big debut into international World Cup racing and I could honestly say that we couldn’t be any more happy with it all – the riders are happy, the sponsors are second to none and it all feels ‘right’. Stoked!

Wideopenmag elite world cup smasher Rich ‘Rich Tea’ Thomas and our media super-star Tim Lake are out in Pietermaritzburg for Rd1 of the World Cup. They’ll be bringing us loads of news, updates and World Cup tom-foolery as they warm up for the main event. Good luck playaz!

Photos by Tim Lake, words by Rich Tea

Yo homie! Everything is top banana here in SA. Just got a few photos and some captions for you if you wanna put them on the site!

12 hour flight with virgin. Fit hostesses, good food, comfy seats, what more do you want?

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The pimpest hire care available, plenty of rallying done already on the drive down, one went a little worse than we expected. (see below)

Berny attempted to make it through an entire gravel trap. Half way across and we got a wee bit stuck. 1500 rands, 2 bent cops and 4 recovery guys later and a tow truck is pulling us out and we’re on our way.

That’s all from our first media update – Track Walk Video is uploading NOW!

HUGE thanks to these guys for turbo-charging the Wideopenmag team in 2012!