Mercedes Vito-Sport – Oktoberfest Video

Mercedes Vito-Sport have got a big involvement in Mountain Biking at the moment. If you can think of a decent rider in the UK, they are probably sponsored, or at least driving a Mercedes Vito. Steve Peat, Danny Hart, The Athertons, Sam Pilgrim… They are all sponsored by Vito-Sport.

The plus side of this is loads of money for marketing, which in return means rad videos like the one posted here! Great success!

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The Oktoberfest race is a team enduro/xc race up Bristol/Bath sort of way, and from what Editor Jamie tells me it’s just a good excuse for a big piss-up! The Wideopen Squid Team (consisting of professional beer drinkers, not riders) finished 30th out of 72. Not bad going in the slightest! Maybe next year they’ll have to put in some training!