Bristol Bike Fest 2013

I love Bristol Bike Fest. It’s one of my personal favorite events of the year. It hurts like hell – but it’s a lot of fun!

It’s exactly what bicycle racing should be for all of us that aren’t budding World Champs. Beer, fun trails, happy riders, good food and FUN!


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Ok – it’s not our typical bag and we do prefer our riding a bit more gravity fed, but we’re suckers for the Bikefest. It’s on our local trails, you get to race your mates, enjoy a race without traveling too far … and it always gives us something to aim for and bit of excuse to put a few more rides in – you know for “training”.

Check out the video anyway – thanks to Mr Alex Tyler at Eyesdown and the team at the Ritchey Bristol Bike Fest for making it happen.


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