Checking in: Jay Williamson at Hafjell World Cup

It’s a big week for team Wideopenmag. For the first time ever, all of our DH riders are at a World Cup. Yep – Rich, Jay and Laurie are all out in Norway for the Hafjell World Cup.

Jay Dub just checked in via Facebook to let us know how they’re getting on… 

We’re loving life here in Norway! It’s an amazing place to be racing and the scenery is unreal!

image (Custom)The journey here was a long one… I drove up from Cornwall to meet team mate Rich and then we drove down to Stanstead for the flight over. Weirdly we were the only people on the plane so we had loads of room to stretch out and it felt like we’d got our own private jet!

Annoyingly though we landed at the wrong airport and it took so many trains and buses to get finally get to Hafjell! That didn’t spoil the trip though and taking in the stunning views of Norway along the way, was pretty cool.

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We’re now in our accommodation in Hafjell and it’s super chilled. The sun is out and we’ve just done our track walk. We’re spending the evening watching some head cams and getting stoked to ride tomorrow.

The track definitely matches how awesome Hafjell is – the start is like nothing I have ever ridden and there are some really big and really well built jumps straight out the gate!

There seems to be a mix of everything in this track from big bike park berms to tech woods sections to rock gardens to wideopen field sections and even a wood table top heading into the finish. The track is looking super loose and dusty for tomorrow’s first day of practice and everyone seems keen to get on track!

Wish us luck for practice tomorrow!

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