Hope Technology SL Grips review

Hope SL grip

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Lock-on grips may not be new but with Hope’s ‘Designed, Built and Tested in England’ moniker I was excited to see how they would put their twist on this component.

The SL grip has an integrated lock-on mechanism built in. That means no metal rings on the outermost surfaces and that the rubber covers the grip for the full length. With the cap already fitted, it was literally a case of unbolting my old grips and bolting these on in their place.

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The SL seems to be a cross between a Lock On Ruffian, and a Renthal Kevlar wire on grip (that have also been fitted to my bike in the last 2 months). The rubber is soft like the Renthal’s, but with the slightly firmer feel and diameter of the lock on. I have used them with and without gloves in this hot weather, and sweaty hands don’t seem to be a problem. Not an aggressive or bulky profile so my little hands loved them.

My only question mark is the colour – yes they stand out, but will they get grubby in time? I guess only time will tell, as they will be staying on for a while…

tested by: Alan Milway (Atherton Racing’s fitness coach)
cashmoney: £25
web: www.hopetech.com
the word: All the quality and innovation we’ve come to expect from Hope. Great grips!