Tested – DMR Viral Chain Guide

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DMR Viral Chain Guide

There was a time when fitting a working chain guide required luck, heavy modification and sheer bloody mindedness. Thankfully those days are long gone and fitting a device to keep your chain in check is no longer a major feat.

The DMR Viral guide fitted to my ISCG equipped hardtail with impressive ease and the two-part back plate meant that fine-tuning and adjustment was simply a case of lining it up and tightening up the bolts. Unlike many guides the back-plate of the Viral comes in two separate pieces that bolt together when you tighten everything up – making it really easy to get the top and bottom guides exactly where you want them or even to dispense with one altogether if you so wish.

For those riders that aren’t blessed with ISCG tabs there’s a BB mount adapter supplied as standard which simply bolts onto the back-plate with equal ease.

The word: So far so good. The Viral fitted in minutes, was a breeze to setup and fine-tune and has kept my chain anchored in place. Equally impressive is the price – which clocks in well below the competition. We like it a lot.

Tested by: Jamie

cashmoney: £79.99

web: www.dmrbikes.com