Woodland Riders Round 2 – 2014

Woodland Riders races are events I always look forward to and this weekend was no exception, with a great track that I had heard lots about with all the work Chaz Lamley and team have been putting in, combined with the great atmosphere just helps you have fun racing.

Kye Forte - Photo Carl Billinghurst
Kye Forte – Photo Carl Billinghurst

So the track, it was a good one, straight out the start ramp really having to get those pedals in for the first straight as keeping your momentum through the first few turns was really going to help you gain time. Next up was a short sprint across the fireroad to link up some fast flowy jumps that throughout the day there was definitely some shapes being thrown for those all-important photographers.

Jay dropping in..
Jay dropping in..

After you’d enjoyed the jumps and loosened up a little now it was time for the main feature on the track that was just around the corner, a nice fast turn into a really tricky bomb hole filled with rocks that was catching riders out all day, before a embarking on a pretty technical section with a decent sized drop throwing you straight into a super tight turn, combine this with some loose rocks and slippy roots for good measure and this ruined more than a few riders times.

Ladies Winner - Haby-Blu Cann
Ladies Winner – Haby-Blu Cann

After all that it was time to give all that you had left and sprint your way to the finish keeping in mind a fair few roots that where trying to claim riders and the chance of a good run before crossing the line.

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It was a top outing on the bike and a great start to the season, really enjoying the track and all its challenges, and with run one not being quite enough and sitting in 4th place I knew I had to dig deeper for second runs. That second run did go to plan – apart from being very close to making a detour on the top fireroad, almost heading straight through the tape and into another track. So happy to come away with the overall win, super close times as always at woodlands, which always makes the racing here interesting.

Iain Docherty shot by Chris Purton
Iain Docherty shot by Chris Purton

Would like to say a big thanks to everyone involved, the race ran smooth as always, especially with 160 riders entered, this really does tell the story of what a great series this is for all abilities. Full results are available over at RootsandRain and check out Woodland Riders for more info on the series. Next race – 23rd March!

Well it was a blast, and looking forward to the next one already!