Video: Heli-biking in New Zealand with Mission Wanaka

I was lucky enough to ride shotgun on a heli-biking trip with Mission Wanaka in New Zealand.

We took a chopper up to 4,000ft, rode down a stunning (if a bit windy!) trail and then drank some beers on the beach. The trip was mostly female riders (it was just me and camera man Ross representing for the chaps) and the party included Hannah Barnes and World Cup racer Casey Brown. It was not by a long shot a bad day out on the push bikes!

The trip was a show-case of what you can do in 24 hours in Wanaka, aimed at female riders … I was just lucky enough to gate crash and fill a spare seat on the chopper. I joined for the riding (which was awesome) but the girls also camped over at the top of the lake and did some paddle boarding back into town.

The vid was shot and edited by Ross from at Stash Media Works.

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If you’re in New Zealand and fancy a totally unique day of riding on private land give them a shout on