Father’s Day presents for mountain bikers (for kids that leave it to the last minute)

Father’s Day is THIS SUNDAY you eejit!

Go sort something out now, rather than waiting till you bowl out of the pub on Saturday night and try to source something between the kebab shop and your house. You might think your old man will enjoy a can of WD40 and a Twix from the Esso garage … but the chances are, you’re wrong.

Here’s a few things we reckon you should consider for your mountain biking dad this Sunday. They’re almost all less than £30 and all available online.

Won’t Back Down – iTunes download £9.99

Steve Peat’s brand new video, downloaded to a computer or mobile. You literally don’t even have to leave the house to get this one. Old buggers love Steve Peat.


Trail42 pack flask £15


Will keep your old man’s Bovril warm on a cold day and fit in the bottle cage of his bike. Bless.

Magic Rock Brewery Ale £2.80

magic rockOld blokes like to drink ale right?  Here’s some ale from up north that’s doing very well on the mountain bike scene at the moment… They brewed the special ‘Won’t back down’ beer for Peaty’s movie premiers. If your pops is still cool enough to pull off teeshirts you could always get him one of those too for £11.99.

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Bike Monger’s wise cracker headset £13.99

Getting him some Ale? Why not get him a bottle opener that fits into the headset of his bike? At his age he’ll only forget to bring one otherwise.

A day out riding at Bike Park Wales £30


Even old blokes can ride park, so why not send him along for a day of riding with some uplifts to help him get his tired old body back up the hill?

A day of skills coaching £varies

Prove to your old man that you can teach an old dog new tricks with some skills coaching. We like Pedal Progression in Bristol but they are young whipper snappers. If you want an older, grumpier bloke why not try Ed Oxley at Great Rock?

Youngsters: http://www.pedalprogression.com/courses-page
Old blokes: http://great-rock.co.uk/courses/more-advanced/jumps-for-dads/

Peaty single malt £47.10

Want to blow the budget and get the old fart something really special? You probably can’t send him on a Scottish In Search of Peaty adventure at this late stage … but you can get him a whiskey from the brewery that makes old Peaty.


Good luck!