Coline Shoe Dryer – this winter’s essential mountain biking accessory?

tays shoes

Did Rachel Atherton and Taylor Vernon just discover this winter’s absolute must-buy UK mountain biking gadget?  Probably not, but it does look pretty useful.

We’ve all been there. You’re at a race, you get soaked during practice on a Saturday, you’ve got no way to dry out your shoes save the heaters on your van or maybe a crap radiator in a B&B. What’s the answer? Wet shoes on race day … awesome.

Thankfully, Taylor and Rach might have found the answer. This space-age looking gadget appeared on Tay’s instagram this week and we were sold in a soggy heartbeat.  It’s a Coline Shoe Dryer and costs just £29.99.

We haven’t actually tested one but according to Coline their gizmo is:

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  • A robust shoe dryer for up to four pairs of shoes or wellies.
  • Easily mounted to the wall with the included wall bracket.
  • Drying stand for things like socks, gloves, etc.
  • 60-minute timer.

If you fancy one you can get a bit more info here:

There’s also another cheaper model here: