Two Weeks in the Six Six One Evo AM helmet

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// £99.99

  • MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) (MIPS versions only)
  • Light and well-ventilated design through in-molded construction with 15 vents
  • Secure and micro-adjustable with the 360˙ Boa® Fit System
  • Additional protection through extended rear shell coverage
  • Precise fit for all with 3 shell sizes
  • Plush interior liner made with antimicrobial fabric
  • Contego EPS material
  • Fidlock closure system

The Evo is an Enduro open face vented helmet with large amounts of protection at the rear and a sturdy visor. It’s obviously aimed at the enduro/all mountain end of the market but due to the good ventilation would be a good choice for any mountain biker that isn’t in need of a full face.

The size adjustment dial at the back is a ‘boa’ system which will be familiar to those of you who have used high end SPD shoes. It’s a steel wire on a ratchet system which allows for micro-adjustment in terms of fit. The wire runs all the way round to the front of the helmet (behind some very good padding) which means the fit adjustment conforms to the shape of your head.

The buckle is also interesting – using two rare earth magnets to provide the initial connection and then a plastic catch to reinforce it. I wasn’t sure I really had problems with a catch in the past, but this is a definite improvement – easy to do up with one hand (it just snaps into place) and similarly easy to undo. It still provides a solid feeling connection though.

Oh … and it’s worth saying that the version we have here is a pre-production sample. The UK versions of the helmet aren’t available in this look … but you can get various others including the one shown below. A MIPS version is also available for extra cash.


Our test pilot has put a couple of weeks of rainy mountain bike rides and commuting into the Evo. Let’s hear what he thinks so far …

How did it fit?

“I’m on the upper end of the medium scale (55-58cm circumference) and find the helmet fits really well. I’ve got quite an oval shaped head and it definitely suits this head shape – a friend with a round head didn’t get on with the helmet quite so well finding the fit uncomfortable. Try before you buy in your local bike shop as you would with anything”.

How did the product feel on the trail? What did it do well?

“I haven’t crashed in it yet so can’t vouch for the contigo EPS foam being any better (hoping not to test that one tbh but it can’t be a bad thing). The boa was easy to adjust and good fit. The magnetic buckle on the chin strap felt like a gimmick at first but felt natural very quickly”.

“It was also pretty well ventilated so didn’t get too sweaty and the large secure visor kept both the sun and the rain out of my eyes”.

It also provided a much better mount for a headlight than my previous helmet (POC Trabec) as the boa enabled a good, firm fit.”

What wasn’t so good?

“The boa dial itself sticks out quite a long way so can get caught on bag straps and hoods etc, however the version tested is a pre-production version and 661 have stated they’re fitting a lower profile boa dial to the production helmets”.

What about durability?

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“So far, very good. The finish hasn’t scratched at all. We’ll see how it goes after some more muddy, gritty, wet rides”

Would you buy one?

Yes, with the improvements to the boa adjuster that SixSixOne have got planned.

Would you recommend one to a mate?

Same as above, yes.


Our test pilot:

Name: Paddy
Age: 30something
Years riding: 28ish?
Testing time: 2 weeks
Tested where? Bristol trails, Cwm Carn new XC trail, commuting
Testing conditions: Cold/wet and sunny autumn weather