First look: Nukeproof Oklo dropper post


  • Travel: 125mm
  • Diameter: 31.6mm
  • Weight: 625grams
  • Hydraulic Adjustment
  • Cable actuated

New dropper posts seem to elicit a strange sort of excitement online. The RS’s Reverb seems to have (almost) nailed it … and everyone just seems to be waiting with baited breath for something that will offer the holy trinity of price, performance and durability.  The Reverb is very close … but still seems to suffer with those durability issues.

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Latest to the party is Nukeproof with their all-new-for-2015 Oklo, named after “a region … of the Central African state of Gabon where several natural nuclear fission reactors were discovered”. Cool story.

The Oklo seems to immediately nail the demand for a cheaper post that doesn’t compromise hugely on performance, clocking in at £179.99, well below the retail prices of a Reverb (£295ish), a Fox Doss (£299ish) and a Thomson Elite (£349ish) though of course all can be sourced cheaper with a bit of googling.

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It also seems to tick all the boxes for features. It offers 125mm of up-and-down (the same as a Reverb and Thomson) with ‘infinite’ adjustability, meaning you aren’t limited to one or two defined positions as you would be with the likes of a Fox Doss. The system is cable (rather than hydraulic) operated which is easy for installation and repairs but does from our experience tend to deteriorate in performance quite quickly and needs more looking-after, especially in the mucky British winter. That’s usually only as tricky as swapping the cable every month or so and then swapping the outer cable every three or four months though. The lever also looks great with a neat, tidy design that won’t clutter up your bars. How it performs once the cable gets gritty we’re looking forward to finding out.


Are there any down sides so far? The weight is slightly higher than its more expensive competitors … It’s also worth noting that the Oklo is only available in 31.6mm so make sure it’ll fit your bike before you order and ask your local bike shop about shims if you need one.

What do we think?

As with all dropper posts, the proof will be in the riding. We’re excited to throw it on a bike and get out and see what the worst of the British winter can do to it. So far, the Nukeproof looks like a great value dropper that could well answer our call for a heavy hitting post that doesn’t blow up our wallets. More when we’ve got it muddy …

Check out the Nukeproof website here and go talk to your local bike shop if you want to order one. If you want some more detail you can check out a PDF of the Oklo’s instruction manual here.