Great news for the Welsh DH MTB Association!


A few weeks ago we reported that the Welsh DH MTB Association (WDMBA) were having a bit of trouble with insurance.

According to their report, the WDMBA were facing closure if they couldn’t sort out some insurance to cover them for uplifts. Things were looking bleak and there was a good chance the days of WDMBA uplift days were numbered.

But – great news! The WDMBA have reported this evening that they’ve managed to score insurance, they’re nearly finished with fixing up their bus and uplifts are back on!

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After a few weeks of bad news for uplifts this comes as a super positive sign that all isn’t doom and gloom for downhill in the UK. Great news! Well done guys!

There’s no news just yet of when uplifts will be planned but we’ll be sure to let you know when they are announced. Stay tuned.

For more, head over to the WDMBA facebook or check out a heap of our favourite uplift venues.