Uplifts are back at Gawton!

Great news boys and girls – Uplifts are coming back to Gawton!

From the 1st February FlyupDowhill will be running regular uplifts at the Gawton Gravity Hub.

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Yep, you’ll soon be able to shred HSD, Super Tavi, Proper Job and Egypt without the need to slog your bike back up Rode to Nowhere. It will run on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am and promises a minimum of 14 runs a day!

There are currently 15 spaces free for the 1st Feb and lifts cost £33 a day for non-members and £28 for members. Half days are £17 and single uplifts are £2.50 a pop.

What are you waiting for? More at flyupdownhill.co.uk.