Introducing the iXS Xult – a lightweight full face helmet

iXS just sent over details of the new iXS Xult full face helmet. It was designed and tested with the help of the legendary Cedric Gracia.

iXS Xult full face helmet

The Xult is what iXS are calling a “crossover” helmet. Apparently that means it’s lightweight (1100g), well vented and cool on the trail whilst still being tough enough to allow you to rattle your brains on the dirt as you see fit. It doesn’t have a detachable chin-guard as you’d expect … it just has lots of big, airy vents and iXS Vortex system which claims to help air flow around the helmet.

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Is it as safe as a regular full face? On paper it stacks up. It meets European EN1078 and American C.P.S.C standards and comes with iXS’ XMatter inserts (impact foam) and EPR emergency release system. Sure, it is lighter-weight than a dedicated downhill full face but it seems a great compromise between weight and protection.

We’re quietly excited about this one. It’s tough, it looks great and it should be light and cool enough for pedally rides. We’ll update you more when we get our hands on one for a test.