A downhill racer’s eBike video review – feat. the Haibike nDuro

Love ’em or hate ’em … eBikes and electric mountain bikes are here to stay.

It’s time for our first eBike review – starring the Haibike nDuro.

We sent UK elite downhill racer (and eBike virgin) Oliver Morris over to South Wales for a ride on the Haibike Nduro. A 170mm eBike with a Fox 36 fork, Float X shock and slack angles.

We told him to go, ride, reserve his judgements and tell us what he thought.  Check out the video to see what Oli thought.

Who is Oli?

Oli is a new eBike virgin. He’d never ridden one before this test, prefering to ride “proper bikes”. He’s a fast, fit and talented elite downhill racer that competes in the British Downhill Series and UCI mountain bike World Cup.

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