The British Enduro Series is now called UK Enduro

Remember yesterday’s post about the weird Enduro naming situation?

Well, great news – good sense has prevailed and the British Enduro Series is now called the UK Enduro Series.

British Enduro Series is now called National Enduro Series facebook announcement

After the brain-fuddling announcement that not one, but two series would be called the “British Enduro Series” there was an awkward stand-off between organisers Neil and Si. Neither seemed overly keen to changed their brand name and neither looked likely to back down.

Well – it looks like Neil (organiser of the Red Kite Series version of the British Enduro Series!) has made the leap and rebranded. They’re now called “UK Enduro” and have changed their facebook, logo and website accordingly.

Great work UK Enduro – we’re excited to see what the actual series is like rather than just the internet banter! Now, on to the racing!

You can visit the UK Enduro Series on Facebook here.Mondraker Enduro Series, 2848 Copyright 2015 Dan Wyre Photography, all rights reserved This Image can be Purchased from