video: Monet is back and shredding!

After a year of shit luck and broken bones, Monet is back on her bike and shredding!

Monet broke her arm racing Lourdes World Cup and had to sit on the bench for most of 2016. Well, she’s back, she’s been training like a beast with MTBStrengthFactory and she’s kidnapped our Vitus Escarpe test bike.

Check out the video of Monet riding the Vitus Escarpe at Triscombe. Filmed by Tom Grundy.


“Since being back on the back I’ve been really enjoying the trail bikes, so when I got the chance to try a 27.5 trail bike I quite literally jumped on it.

I’ve been riding the Vitus Escarpe for a few weeks now and I don’t really have anything negative to say about it. It’s a fun bike that feels really planted and encourages confidence which I think is super important on little bikes because they are capable of so much.

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I think it takes a lot of skill and balls to really push these bikes to their limits – and the Escarpe encourages you to do that. On Sunday we headed down to Triscombe to slide around in the mud and were lucky enough to get most of the afternoon rain free.”

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