Tom Wheeler – 3D printing a mountain bike arm brace

Tom Wheeler 3d printed arm brace not broken

Tom Wheeler is a true inspiration in mountain biking – and has recently used 3D printing technology to take a step forward.

You probably know of him already but Tom was (and is!) a fast, sponsored downhill racer that had a huge crash that left him with a paralysed right arm.

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Tom didn’t let his riding end there though. He healed up, he got back on his bike and he started learning to ride in a different way. He modified his bike and he developed an arm brace that allowed him to hold the handlebar with his paralysed arm. Thanks to Tom’s massive determination, riding ability, massive balls and his new 3D printed mountain bike arm brace he’s taken a bit step forward with his riding.

Tom you can read more about Tom’s journey over on Not Broken.