Airdrop Bikes: Clayspades Edit.

Airdrop Bikes, the Clayspades Crew and Escapade 7 have dropped their full ‘Clayspades’ edit after teasing is with the trailer a few weeks back. No turn or jump is safe!

Ed from Airdrop Bikes just beamed us this beauty. All beautifully shot by Escapade 7, Gee Milner and Sam Taylor for those not native to Sheffield. The Clayspades Crew, responsible for developing the part of Wharncliffe Woods known as ‘Wharncover’ shred their own work aboard the Airdrop Edits which should be in the UK within the month.

If you missed our interview with the Airdrop main (and only) man, Ed Brazier, head over there to see how you can really put everything into starting a bike company.

Clayspades from Escapade7 on Vimeo.

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Wharncliffe Woods have been part of the Sheffield scene since day one. Now there’s a new generation of builders and riders taking it to the next level, led by the Clayspades crew. Max, James and Rob may not be household names, but you’ll recognise their trails. Their patch is known locally as ‘Wharncouver’, and for good reason. It’s steep, it’s fast & loose; there are tons of lines and some big hits. It’s attracted the attention of some big names, but the Clayspades lads are the first to ride every new section, and always in their own style.Airdrop Bikes Edit Clayspades Crew

They’re the real deal: all day every day they’re digging, sculpting, honing the trails to perfection and they’re happy to share the results. It’s guys like this that keep a scene alive. We thought it was time for the builders to take centre stage, so we gave the boys some bikes and teamed up with Escapade 7 to produce a short film. This is Clayspades.

Airdrop Bikes Edit Clayspades Crew