Introducing: Dave Konstanz, Wideopenmag Team behind the scenes

For 2016 we’ve given team Wideopenmag’s tea boy – Dave Konstanz – a promotion to management. He’s taken a step up to help us with the massive job of running a race team. Jamie and Dave have been working flat out to get our riders ready for the first round of the British Enduro Series and British Downhill Series.

Here’s an intro to Wideopenmag’s very own Directeur Sportif, Big Dave.


Who is Dave Konstanz?

A big guy from Weston-Super-Mare

What do you do for a day job?

I work for the biggest medical company in the world. My job is specialised in spinal orthopaedics, so I work with spinal surgeons and provide some of the tools to help them to provide the treatment that the patients need.

What gets you stoked?

Being out in the hills with a good crew of people. Riding dry and dusty trails.

What gets you stressed out or pisses you off?

People not doing what they say that will do, getting let down last minute, disorganisation and lateness!

And what do you do for Wideopenmag? Can you give us an idea of what the various jobs are that you’ve got on your plate up to this point and through the season?

So started off last season buzzing Rich T to some races (long drive ones) and ended up hanging around in the pits and helping out. As I am not work shy, I got stuck in and helped out with bike wash, shopping and some general organisation.
I’m now co-managing the team with Jamie to make sure that the riders are all running smoothly and making sure that we have everything we need for the team before the first race of the season. Also building the bikes up and getting all the kit printed ready for the big reveal in the near future – this time of the season it’s all pretty hectic.


Tell us about your riding? What bikes have you got in your garage? What’s your favourite place to ride?

My mainstay of riding is DH, although I do like to dabble in Enduro epics, Moto and pitbikes!
Lots of bikes in the garage, V10cc, Nukeproof Mega TR, KTM 350 SX-F, 110cc pitbike.
Favourite place I’ve ever ridden would be Whistler, but favourite place week to week has to be ‘Uplift World’ with the South West lads.

What got you involved with Wideopenmag and what have you been up to in the last few weeks?

Got involved with Wideopen through Rich and being at the races. Last few weeks have been mad busy. We have been testing kit for the 2016 race bikes and then I have been liaising with all the sponsors to make sure that we have everything we need to build up the race bikes and have some kit to wear on them (easier said than done).

What’s the toughest thing about helping to get a race team ready for the season?

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The time it takes…
I’m not very good at being patient, so the time it can take to get kit sent from America etc can be a bit frustrating. However, we are super lucky to have some amazing sponsors this year and everyone has been real helpful and amazing with their support.


How has it been building the bikes up so far? Straightforward? That must be a pretty exciting part of the job?

Stressful! Very exciting, and I can’t wait to see the end result, but it is really stressful and time consuming.
Your attention to detail has got to be spot on. When you don’t get full bikes delivered, you will be amazed at the list of things that you need, even down to the star nut that goes in your fork steerer – these little bits can make or break a bike build.

Has there been anything that’s really stood out as a moment that’s really got you stoked so far in your time with Wideopenmag?

Being part of the team is great. Working with all the riders as well and working your arse off to get them that last minute bit of kit that they need for a trip and then seeing photos of them up on Pinkbike riding and using the kit – that makes it worth doing and is rewarding! Plus now the race season is starting seeing the guys bring in the results is awesome.

What’s your plans for the year with the team? What do you really want to make happen by being involved?

Going to get stuck into the racing with the guys. Will do everything I can to make their lives as easy as possible in order that they can just focus on their racing. It’s a big year for a number of the riders, Morgan is a first year youth, Kye steps up to Expert after dominating Masters last year and Charlie is second year junior and needs to have the season of his life before he breaks into the top ranks next year. By supporting these guys I am really confident they can make it happen. With this it will help to drive Wideopenmag race team to be the premier UK MTB team – we are certainly well on the way.

If anyone asked you for some advice on getting involved with a race team like you’ve done … what would you tell them?

Don’t do it…

Only joking. It is awesome fun being involved with a race team, but believe me when I say that there are highs and there are lows.

Sure, if you are Greg Minnaar you could walk up to any bike sponsor and they would give you everything that you need straight away, but when you are running a grass roots team it is hard graft to get everything organised without passing on stress to the riders.

I would like to say that come the start of the race season it will be easier as I won’t be looking over spreadsheets and emails when I finish my day job at 11pm, but I know that instead I will be with the team looking over camera footage and looking at timing screens instead…


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