disco brakes floating rotor

First look review: Disco Brakes floating rotors

Disco Brakes Floating Rotor

  • Available in 8 custom colours
  • Available from 160mm to 203mm
  • 134g for 180mm rotor

In this world of Sram’s and Shimano’s it’s easy to overlook the raft of more affordable but lesser known upgrades. Introducing DiscoBrakes.com – an online, direct to your door site with a UK warehouse.

disco brakes floating rotor

Whilst Disco Brakes might not be the sexiest name in the game – they more than make up for it in price, value for money and custom colours. The Disco Brakes Floating Rotors that you see here are available in 160 to 203mm, in 8 colour options and cost a very reasonable £27.83 for 203mm (£23.29 for 160mm). Compared to a similar Hope rotor, that’s quite a saving and is a couple of quid less than official Shimano floating rotors. Sure, there are cheaper offerings but for a floating rotor that you can colour match to your bike it’s one of the more affordable options around.

What’s a floating rotor all about you ask? The idea is that the braking surface is made of steel and the rest of the rotor is made of lighter aluminium. The steel braking surface works to reduce heat caused by friction and in turn reduce any ‘fading’ from your brakes over long runs. The rest of the rotor keeps weight down and saves you a few grams. Rather than making the whole rotor out of steel you can save some weight and keep the right materials in the right places. It’s all about small gains adding up to big gains.

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Our 180mm review rotors weigh in at around 134g each. A quick search online shows that to be pretty good – the equivalent Hope rotor is 142g and Shimano Ice-tech is the same.

In our experience, the weight saving benefits of a floating rotor are pretty hard to notice over any sort of terrain … making the added cost of the upgrade hard to justify. Given DiscoBrakes very competitive price and great custom options that upgrade just became a lot more realistic. If you’re a weight weeny that needs some stoppers, these are worth your time considering alongside the proven and similarly priced Shimano Ice-Tech rotors.

Look out for a long term review on these once we’re happy we’ve given them a decent thrashing!

You can buy the Disco Brakes Floating Rotor direct on DiscoBrakes.com or you can read more of our product reviews here.