2017 Nukeproof range Quick Look

The Nukeproof 2017 bike range just launched at the NEC Cycle Show.

Suble tweaks, new graphics and a brand new bike are what it’s all about.

Some years you see big changes to bike brands, other years it’s more about subtle refinements. For 2017 Nukeproof are tweaking and refining – keeping the Mega and the Pulse true to form. After all, they don’t seem to be doing a bad job for Sam Hill, right?


2017 Nukeproof Pulse


Nukeproof’s big dog – the bike raced by the CRC Paypal Team and (of course!) by our very own Team Wideopenmag.  For 2017 there’s very few big changes. There are now two versions of the bike – Team (the top dog) and the Comp (lower spec, more affordable).

The 2017 Nukeproof Pulse Team is 200mm travel and sport’s NP’s Fallout Linage suspension. It comes with a Rockshox Vivid R2C and Boxxer World Cup Solo air. There are Nukeproof parts throughout, Sram XO1 DH handles the shifting and the wheels are Mavic Deemax.

The Comp is all together more affordable affair with RS Kage RC and Boxxer Team suspension, Truvativ Descendant DH cranks and Sram GX DH. A nice touch is the MRP chain guide showing that the bike is still all about quality – rather than cutting costs.

2017 Nukeproof Mega


The Mega is left pretty much as is – available in 27.5″ and 29″ wheel sizes, 160mm travel, frame-only options available.

There are four 27.5″ versions – Team (poshest), Pro (pretty posh), Race (middle one) and Comp (least posh one). The top dog Nukeproof Mega Team comes in traditional Nukeproof black and yellow with a Lyric RCT3 Solo Air 170mm fork, Sram Eagle XO-1 12spd, Mavic Deemax Pro wheels and a Nukeproof cockpit. It’s a hell of a bike.

There’s a similar line up in the 29″ range with three bikes available – Pro, Comp and Race.

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Buy the Nukeproof Mega here.


Nukeproof Scout


Completing Nukeproof’s off-road trio is the Scout hardtail – available in 27.5″ and 29″.

The top-end Scout Comp has a solid build with a Reverb, SLX shifting and cranks and WTB wheels and tyres. The awesome RS Yari RC fork covers suspension and is a great choice for up front.

We’re looking forward to a ride on the 29″ version of the Nukeproof Scout – all being well it’ll be a fast, very fun bike that’ll give your mates on their full suss trail bikes a run for their money!


… and introducing the 2017 Nukeproof Digger


The Nukeproof Digger is brand new and is, on paper, a cyclocross bike. We’ve got a few bikes like this between us (not least the Saracen Hack) and they make great ‘mountain biker’s road bikes’ for winter training, blasting to the pub, using on the turbo or commuting. They’re an absolutely essential bike for the mountain-biker-about-town!

The Digger is available in a very well specced ‘1.0’ version (complete with Zipp, Mavic and WTB kit) or a more sensible ‘2.0’ version (TRP brakes, Shimano Sora, Kena tyres, WTB wheels).

You can read more about Nukeproof on their website.