DMR’s V-Twin Clipless pedal. Everything you need to know.

DMR Bikes VTwin Eurobike Olly Wilkins Wideopenmag

Introducing the all new DMR V-Twin clipless pedal.

DMR are best known for flat pedals – the DMR V12 is a classic and the V8 and Vault pedals both keep proving the point. With a firm history in flat, grippy pedals it was a nice surprise to see something unique, a clip-in pedal, appear at this year’s Eurobike show.

Pete spent some time with the DMR crew to learn everything you need to know about the new DMR V-Twin clipless pedal. Enjoy!

The basics

• £129.99
• Nylon ‘Bumper’ design
• Steel sizing-shim set included
• Serviceable bearing system
• 7 Tuneable pins per side (full set supplied)
• Heavy duty 4140 cro-mo steel axles
• Tough extruded aluminium body, CNC machined
• 5º float cleat set supplied

From the Ground Up.

A clipless pedal is very different to what DMR are known for. Where the DMR Deathgrip was a very personal project drawing on designer Olly Wilkins’ personal experience, the V-Twin was quite the opposite. Olly is quick to say that he “never wants to be attached to a bike” so creating a pedal to do exactly that obviously needed a change of perspective.

How do you do it then? Same as the Deathgrip, call up some help from a few friends. Where DMR’s history of flat pedals meant that they couldn’t work with their clipped-in friends … the V-Twin suddenly opened up a whole load of fast riders that they could now cater for. Sadly, we can’t share their names because of conflicting sponsors but believe me when we say that DMR have had some big time riders testing, developing, destroying and feeding back on the V-Twin.

You’ll no doubt see a bigger list of riders on DMR in 2017 thanks to the V-Twin. Stay tuned …

Gold DMR V-Twin pedal side profile

Clip in to win.

Opting not to develop their own engagement system, the V-Twin features a Shimano-style mechanism. Float tension is adjustable at the base and the whole central engagement rotates independently of the cage for better location of the cleat. The V-Twin comes supplied with a 5º float cleat set supplied.

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The cage itself looks a lot like previous DMR designs. Cut outs reduce weight and offer mud clearance with a relatively small, metal cage surrounding the central part of the pedal.DMR Bikes VTwin Eurobike Olly Wilkins Wideopenmag

Tune it up.

4140 steel axles keep everything tough and serviceable bearings mean you can keep them running fresh. Weight is at the heavier end of the clip spectrum (546g per pair), but don’t let that put you off.

What makes the V-Twin really interesting is tune-ability. A closer look at the V-Twin shows a whole host of other tuneable parts that will allow the rider who knows the setup they want to tune it to infinitely.

The black-plastic bits that you can see on the cage are nylon “bumpers” which are designed to take impacts from the trail and deflect damage from the more-expensive-to-replace pedal body. They’re replaceable and – as far as we know – are unique to DMR.

Blue DMR V-Twin SPD pedal

You can choose whether to run the pins set into the pedal and keep the nylon bumpers, or lose the bumpers and just run the pins, or a combination of both or neither. There are also metal shims supplied which run underneath the bumpers. These can be added to lift the bumpers up, or left out to keep them lower down. That offers the ability to customise the feel and float of the pedal.

There was also a bit chat amongst the DMR team that the design for the bumper will be available to 3D print your own in order to really tune the feel of these pedals underfoot. That’s pretty cool… We’ll wait and hear more about that!

The DMR V-Twin will cost you £129.99 and will be available online or through DMR dealers.

DMR Bikes VTwin Eurobike Olly Wilkins Wideopenmag