My favourite 15 photos of the year: Jacob Gibbins

Jacob Gibbins top 15 photos of 2016

A photographer takes thousands of images in a year … and we’ve asked a few of our regular photographers to pick their top 15 from 2016.

First up is Jacob Gibbins, our original Wideopenmag photographer and a man whose had more images on Wideopen than anyone else combined. Milky’s adventures take him across the globe shooting commercial gigs for brands and documenting the Enduro World Series. He was, incidentally, the quickest to pick his top 15 of all the snappers that we asked!

Take it away Jacob Gibbins!

“2016 has been a pretty amazing year with travel to most parts of the world, some amazing projects and lots of amazing people.

I can’t actually show you most of my very favourite shots from the year as I only just took them and they’re still under embargo…

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Even so I’ve put together a selection of shots from various places both riding and non that sum up my 2016 from a photography angle ( pun intended)”

Nikki Whiles riding up at one of his local spots in South Wales at the start of the year. Great light, colours and rider.
Danny Hart had one hell of a year and I was lucky enough to get to shoot their team camp in Spain at the start of the year. Whips for days.
This was from the same team shoot – but is a nice corporate team shot.
Another one of Danny. This time he’s tucking while flying down the test track whilst trying out pre-season suspension set ups.
This is from February of Sam Reynolds. It was taken on a Fox shoot for their Winter kit.
Brendog, smoke and coloured lights – shot for DMR. It’s hard to go wrong with that combo really!
This is Mark Scott in Spain with RoostDH. He’d just moved onto the Santa Cruz team and was out testing out his new bike. You can see the full video on Wideopen here.
Here’s the only photo I can show you from our recent trip to Madeira shooting for the Deathgrip movie. There should be more out soon!
Here’s another one from Spain. This time it’s Laurie Greenland making the most of the pre-season dust.
The south Downs above Brighton under a moody sky.
MBUK’s workshop manager Johnny Ashelford out testing bikes in Bristol.
Madeira holds an Island Enduro Cup each Feb and I went out with Rowan Sorrell this year. It’s a pretty mental place.
This is a shot of my mate James running around Bristol. I’m so busy doing client work that I rarely get a chance to do personal projects – this was a chance to do my own thing.
Here’s Josh Lewis (dick in tact!) in Madeira in the ancient Laurel forest high up on the island.
This is my other half soaking in the views on a hike are Chekamus lake in BC while on holiday, post EWS madness.

You can follow Jacob gibbins on Instagram at @jacobgibbinsphoto


Squiddin through the Aspens with the @loweprobags Whistler for company. Race day tomorrow! 📸 @duncanphilpott / @svenmartinphoto #squiddinainteasy

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