TESTED: Morvelo Ambush Covert MTB baselayer

Ambush covert base layer-7978

Need to know:

  • Multi-filament polyester mesh
  • 3 secure rear pockets
  • 2 velcro sealed front pockets
  • Hydrophilic treatment to increase the breathability
  • Elastane to create a high stretch that adapts to your body
  • Heat seal label
  • Flatlock seams
  • Body mapped for a superior fit
  • Handmade in Europe

Keys, wallet, phone.

As you’re no doubt are aware – the new-school enduro rule book demands that you should never carry anything in a bag that you can otherwise squirrel away in some hidden pouch or pocket. Or at the very least awkwardly masking tape to your frame.

Fashion aside, it does make a bit of sense. For shorter rides or uplifts you don’t really need much more than the basics and a bag can be a bit much to carry round – especially if you’ve already got a bottle on a cage on your frame. My local rides are usually only a couple of hours, rarely result in a puncture and don’t need food or special tools. My phone, keys, fiver for a pint and a small multi-tool constitute “the essentials” – way too little to drag a pack round but too much to stuff in the pockets of my shorts.

mountain bike base layer with pockets Morvelo Ambush

Simple solutions.

The Morvelo Ambush Covert MTB baselayer is the solution to your enduro dilema – allowing you to carry a ride’s worth of basic kit without needing a bag or to strap your assorted paraphernalia to your frame.

The base layer is a light-weight, close fitting under-layer with 5 pockets for storage (3 on the rear and two velcro-fastening pockets on the front). It’s light and snug-fitting enough that it fits under a normal jersey and is a tight enough fit that loaded pockets don’t sag or bounce around when full like they might on your old XC or roady jersey. It also, I reckon, looks great and the dazzle camouflage colours will keep it longer fresher way longer than your grotty white or grey base layers.  Whilst it’s sold as a base layer the material is light-weight and breathable enough that it shouldn’t act like you’re wearing an extra layer, meaning you won’t boil by running it.

mountain bike base layer with pockets Morvelo Ambush

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Can’t ride without it.

The back pockets are opened-topped allowing you to stick a pump or a bottle in. The front pockets are velcro fastened so you can keep your phone, some coins and some small don’t-loose items safe. I tend to pop spare contact lenses and the car key in these front pockets.

If you’re often nipping out for a quick ride and don’t like carrying a bag or enduro-ing everything to your frame I’d recommend giving the Ambush Covert MTB baselayer a shot. It’s not massively cheap at £45 but the quality feels very good, it fits well, the styling is nice and it offers bags of on-board storage. Top marks!

In fact – I’m going to stick my neck out and say that the Covert Baselayer is easily one of the most useful, practical and can’t-ride-without it products that we’ve tested this year. We’re rolling out our new ‘Can’t ride without it’ rating … and the Covert takes the title.

Buy the Morvelo Ambush MTB baselayer online here or direct from Morvelo here.