Thanks and good luck Charlie Hatton!

As 2016 draws to a close we’re bidding a fond farewell to Team Wideopenmag’s Charlie Hatton. After an amazing two years of racing with us Charlie has (as we’d always planned) bagged himself a place on a bigger team to race World Cups as an elite.

We’re sad to see him and the Hatton clan move on … but we’re stoked he’s now a full time, professional elite DH racer with a team behind him.

Good for luck for 2017 Charlie!

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Charlie – how does it feel entering your first elite year with two strong junior years behind you?

It feels pretty surreal! As a ripper it was always the goal to get into elite and now it’s actually happening. I’m really excited to get stuck into it.

What were the highlights of your time on wideopen?

I always look forward to race weekends, they was filled with piss taking and banter. This made racing way less stressful!

A funny story was me and Rich had an ongoing competition throughout the season, whoever had the slowest time had to wash the winners bike. It ended up 4 – 2 to me! Ha! Ae forest was pretty rad. It was the first race of the season, new kit new bike. It was raining flat out all weekend! I came down from first practice run covered in shit. I felt like I was in an F1 pit, my bike was washed and being checked over, big Dave was cleaning my goggles and Jamie was there with snacks!Β It all paid off as I took my first junior BDS win.

You guys did some pretty decent travel – any particular favourites stand out for you?

Whistler was the boy! We had a sick apartment and the trails were rad! One trail stood out for me, “Ride don’t Slide”, from “Top of the World” it must’ve been a good 40 minutes descending. I was pretty glad to get to the bottom of that beast!

Were there any points when you thought “shit, this is really hard work!”?

Leogang when I was pulling myself out off a ditch that was rough.Β This put a bit of a stop to training and racing, I chipped a bone in my ankle so I had to rest up for a couple of weeks. It was also a mental challenge from that point, I knew that I couldn’t afford to crash again to get a decent position in the overall.

You’ve always had the family with you throughout your travels – who deserves a shout out?

Firstly, massive thanks to my parents for supporting me. I couldn’t have done it without you!

There has been a lot of funny times traveling with my family. One the stands out for me is when me and dad were traveling to worlds in Val di Sole. Mum had booked a 5 star hotel as it had some sort of deal on it. We rocked up to this hotel, it was insane! It was all marble flooring and everyone was wearing suits. Me and dad were both wearing track suits! Ha! We looked so out of place!

We’ve raced a lot of British races together over the last couple of years. What do you think of the British scene at the moment? Is it strong? What needs to be better?

There’s so much talent in the UK –Β it’s pretty crazy really. We have the smallest hills and for such a small country we do pretty well. It would be good to introduce some UCI category races, as you currently have to go abroad to get any points!

What advice would you give for a youngster that’s going trough youth at the moment and looking to get to where you are now?

Just stick at and keep it fun! The main thing is enjoyment and the results will come from that.

Media has been a big thing for you. What’s the secret to it? Any tips for other riders?

From being on Wideopen I’ve gained 5k plus followers! I think quality over quantity is key, no one wants to see 3 posts a day about your dog or what you’re having for tea. Also post at peak times, 6pm -8pm That’s when I get the most views haha!

Oh … Any shout outs or thanks to anyone?

I can’t thank everyone at Wideopen enough for all there help! Also everyone that supported the team for the last two years. I couldn’t have done it without them, plus my parents. They’ve fully supported me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

HUGE thanks to all of Wideopenmag’s sponsors for a killer 2017 and for their amazing support for Charlie. He’s killed it this year.

Thanks to Charlie – to his absolutely legendary parents Les and Mrs H to brother Sam and to the rest of the Hatton clan.

GOOD LUCK for 2017 Charlie!

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