Skelf Bike Skills Park Grand Opening!

Pete headed east to his former haunt of Edinburgh to catch the grand opening of the new Velosolutions/Architrail-built pumptrack at Skelf Bike Park.

After 5 years of planning, funding applications and all the usual pitfalls of making things happen in the modern world, the Skelf Bike Skills Park at Braidwood Gate in Edinburgh was officially opened today.

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Christo Gallagher leading out the boys on a hot lap before things got a little hectic.
Former, current and potential future champions all in one place. While Lee Craigie stayed to put in laps on a borrowed Brompton, Isla Short had a race to win and didn’t stay long. Both were on hand to inspire the future generation of ladies though.
This is a caption competition waiting to happen!
Lee Craigie going for the Sam Hill-inspired inside line on a borrowed Bromptom, giving it some serious head scrub in the process.
All the cool kids hung out at the far end of the track. Mr. #4XWednesdays Euan Rossi making Christo and pals look a bit wee.
More caption competition fare. Cathro was flying until he staved his face into the ground, and Scottish MTB legend Rich Beard was on hand to tweak bikes if necessary.
Trainz for the boyz.
Good to see the local Peelers on hand, helping out and getting some laps in.
While there were the flyboys cutting shapes, there were plenty more that were putting wheels to the deck for the first time.
Once a haven for rough sleepers and junkies, you’d struggle to get a pumptrack in a city centre with a better view.
Fast, slow, young, old, public servants, bike nutters, the lot. Everyone was out to enjoy the sun and bicycles.
Mr. Duncan Ferris. An hour after this shot was taken, following many months of hard graft, was back on a plane, bound for Lesotho to build yet more pumptracks.

Skelf Bike Park is free to use so why not head on over next time you’re in Edinburgh?

Check out the full details on both the pumptrack and the 1km blue-graded trail, plus everything else Skelf-related on their website.